No air

Good morning and hello. I have not disappeared in the past couple months. Not permanently, anyway. A little space can be a good thing. A place to decompress and regroup. Breathing room.

A breathing room sounds like a good idea. Sounds like something the crunchies would want to put into the airport, like a smoking room but without a real purpose. But I think I’d rather have one either at work or at home.

Oftentimes when I find myself alone with a brisk pace, I find that I’ve reverted to my trumpet breathing exercises. 10 steps breathing in, 10 steps hold, 10 steps breathing out, 10 steps hold. You want your lungs to fill and empty completely, and you want to breathe evenly the entire time. That is, don’t fill up too fast or two slow.

The hardest part is the 10 steps you take when your lungs are empty (that is, if they’re truly empty and you dont cheat and hold some air in reserve). If  you haven’t tried it you should, because you feel like you’re suffocating for these few moments. And when you’ve finished those 10 steps and get to inhale it’s near impossible not to make that first breath just a little bit bigger than the ones that are to follow.

This is supposed to repeat itself for about 10 minutes, at which point your lungs are burning and screaming, and your neighbor is wondering why you look winded from just a little walk.


~ by jwooch on February 5, 2012.

One Response to “No air”

  1. ha! i get winded from a walk without the breathing exercises. but usually because i’m hauling my backup w laptop into work. like a mule.

    also, did i tell you that i saw an ‘oxygen bar’ … like some random kiosk in the mall where you can sit and breathe O2 from little tubes? looks like they already stole your idea for a breathing room.

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